Public Notice

August 15, 2013

Third quarter tax bills have not been mailed out due to the delay in the passing of the Borough budget. The Borough expects to receive funds from the Federal and State governments as tax relief resulting from the damages incurred from Superstorm Sandy. These funds would impact the amount of taxes we would need to collect; however, the numbers were not received in time for us to mail out third quarter bills at the usual time. We expect the bills to go out within the next few weeks. The bills will be due 25 days from the date we mail them and there will be a message on the bill to that effect. Unfortunately, this will make the third quarter due very close to the fourth quarter, which is due November 1. If residents wish to avoid the necessity of paying two quarters so close together, they may make an estimated third quarter payment and only have to pay the difference, when the bill is actually received. If further information is required, please contact the Tax Collector’s office at 732-892-3434.