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  1. Wildlife & Plantlife


The warm blooded, furry little creatures that called Point Pleasant 'home' prior to our arrival seem to find niches right amongst our homes and businesses. As a matter of fact, for some people we have a few too many mammals clanging our trash cans and nesting in our heating vents or chimneys.

Whenever this happens, please bear in mind that there are many more of them than us AND they are simply taking advantage of a clinche in OUR armor. If we maintain our buildings in such a way to prevent mammals from making use of them, then we will not be staring a raccoon in the face at four in the morning as he pops out our flue!

Do something to keep the critter's relatives from taking advantage of your proprty. Prevention is better than a cure.

little brown bat
myotis lucifugus
mus musculus
white-foot mouse
peromyscus leucopus
ondatra zibethica
didelphis marsupialis
eastern cottontail rabbit
sylvilagus floridans
procyon lotor
mephitis mephitis
masked shrew
sorex cinereus
gray squirrel
sciurus carolinensis
red squirrel
tamiasciurus hudsonicus
southern flying squirrel
glaucomys volans
eastern chipmunk
tamias striatus
meadow vole
microtus pennsylvanicus
eastern mole
scalopus aquaticus
norway rat
rattus norvegicus
felix domesticus
canis domesticus