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Reptiles & Amphibians

Unfortunately. these creatures have not fared well with the influx of settlement in our municipality. In some isolated segments of our boro one can expect a continuous melody from mid-April to late May.

In these rare freshwater ponds, the spring peeper and fowler toad will be playing their mating games. Most of their activity begins at dusk. Their extremely small tadpole offspring quickly grow into adulthood and move inland. As insect eaters, these pest controllers do us all a service throughout the warm months of the year.


black racer snake
coluber constrictor
northern water snake
nerodia sipedon
eastern worm snake
carphophis ameonus
brown snake
storeria dekayi
eastern garter snake
thamnophis sirtalis
diamondback terrapin
malaclemys terrapin
eastern box turtle
caralina terrapene
snapping turtle
chelydra serpentina
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spring peeper
pseudacris crucifer
bull frog
rana cateseiana
fowler's toad
bufo woodhouseri
green frog
rana clamitans
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