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  1. Environmental Commission & Associated Groups

Environmental Commission & Associated Groups

Environmental Commission

This commission is composed of seven unpaid members appointed by the Mayor of Point Pleasant for terms of three years duration. Additionally, alternate members may be appointed by the mayor.

Our primary purpose is to speak for the protection and conservation of the municipal environment. As the need arises, we advise all municipal personnel and agencies. Meeting monthly as posted in the borough hall, we encourage the generation of committees for action on specific projects. Please get involved with us in our auxiliary membership system. There is much to be done.

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Environmental Commission Auxiliary

Commissions can create and supervise auxiliary organizations who operate on environmental matters. "Point Pleasant Environmental Commission Auxiliary" members actively involve themselves in commission actions. They may not be able to formally vote but they chair committees and expand the manpower of the commission to complete our goals and objectives.

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Associated Clubs

Occasionally, the commission serves as a breeding ground and nursery for new specific interest clubs and organizations that go on to have tremendous impacts on our municipality. An example of this is the Point Pleasant Recycling Club. Founded under the auspices of the commission, the club went on to become an independent entity that fostered the original municipal recycling center. So successful was the club that the municipality formally entered into a recycling program that saves taxpayers thousands of dollars annually while keeping our landfills more environmentally sensitive. The Point Pleasant Garden Club, while maintaining close ties to the commission, emerged from under our wing to become an independent organization. By creating an atmosphere where community involvement can go effectively, the municipal environmental commission completes a great deal more than it could alone. The Commission is also intimately involved in the Municipal Open Space Committee through its Auxiliary.

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