Point Boro First Aid Building

The History of The Point Boro First Aid Squad

In late 1967 and early 1968 Mr. Jim Birdsall and a few other members of the Point Pleasant (Beach) First Aid Squad saw a need for a first aid squad in their own town, the Borough of Point Pleasant. They approached the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Point Pleasant and requested their support. In 1968 the group formed the Point Boro First Aid Squad and were incorporated. The town gave them one bay in the old public works building on the then named Florence Ave. The Beach First Aid Squad gave the new squad a Cadillac Ambulance that they had been using.

The squad started with fifteen members. They cleaned out the garage bay that the town allowed them to use to house the ambulance. They purchased a trailer to hold their meetings in and store supplies. Shortly after they were formed they were able to buy a van and convert this to their second ambulance. Once again the town fathers came through with another garage bay at the public works to house the new ambulance.

Originally, when the Police Dept. would receive a phone call for First Aid they would call the Captain of the First Aid who would in turn initiate a phone pyramid system to alert the members. The Police would also sound the siren. This continued until a home alert system was purchased for each member.

From it's inception until the present day the Point Pleasant Boro First Aid Squad relies solely upon the donations of the community and a small allowance from the municipal government for it's operations. Over the years the squad has been able to increase it's fleet to include two first line rigs, 1 accident and fire rig, and 1 extrication rig. In 1975 the squad was able to construct it's present home on Beaver Dam Rd.

When the Squad was first developed the only training needed was CPR and Advanced First Aid. Over the years the training has changed and greatly increased where members are now required to be certified EMT-B's, EMT-D's and CPR trained.

The members of the Point Boro First Aid Squad remain committed to providing the best First Aid Care available to the residents of the Borough of Point Pleasant.

We are looking for Volunteers... If you are interested, you can E-mail here to get additional information.

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