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A Program of the American Association of Retired Persons

Do You Know The Answers?
  • How does the aging process affect your driving abilities?
  • What is the recommended way to determine safe following distances?
  • Which drugs and medications could cause problems behind the wheel?
  • What are the recommended ways for you to see and be seen on the road?
  • When are you expected to yield the right-of-way?
  • How can you best respond to adverse driving conditions?
  • Where are the danger spots in parking lots?
  • At what temperature is an icy road most slippery?
  • How can you compensate for blind spots?
  • What are the recommended ways to compensate for hearing loss when driving?(1/3 of drivers over 55 experience this).
  • What driving situations are most endangered by the slowed reaction times that accompany aging?
  • What are the safety rules for making left turns? (The second most common violation of older drivers).
  • Why do drivers aged 55 and older have more collisions per mile driven than drivers aged 30-54?
  • How should you handle right of way situations? (This is the number one problem for drivers aged 55 and over). 55 ALIVE/MATURE DRIVING is:

    The nations first and largest classroom driver improvement program designed especially for motorists aged 55 and older.

    Eight hours of classroom instruction that refine existing skills and develop safe, defensive driving techniques. Produced by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and conducted throughout the country in two half-day sessions, 55 Alive teaches preventive measures that save lives.


    Is a nationwide network of trained volunteer instructors, numbering in the thousands, who are concerned about safety on the roads. AARP provides the program and it's materials, we provide the instruction. It's an opportunity for us to help our peers handle adverse driving conditions and traffic hazards, in addition to learning about the affects of aging and medication on driving.


    If you are 50 or older and want to take the course or just get information, please call TOLL-FREE 1-888-227-7669, or contact the Point Pleasant Police Department Traffic Safety Unit at 732-892-0060.

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