Point Boro Police Department

When to call the Police:
The police should be called anytime and every time activities are considered suspicious. If a behavior that is witnessed is only a possible dangerous situation that could lead to a threat of the public safety, then this would also constitute a phone call to the police. Don't hesitate to call the police, if in doubt dial 911.

It's okay to be wrong:
The police department knows and understands that citizen's aren't always right about what they consider suspicious or wrongful activity. All we expect is that you take the initiative to look out for the safety of your neighbors and yourself. If an individual calls and the incident reported turns out to be a legitimate activity we will not hold you at fault. It is not only our responsibility, but we are proud of our reputation for responding to all calls for service.

How to report an emergency:
DIAL 911

The following are directions on how to report a crime to the Point Pleasant Police Department.
  • Immediately dial 911.
  • Specify the type of emergency: POLICE, FIRE or MEDICAL.
  • Give the where, what, who, when and all additional applicable information.
  • Is the emergency about to happen, happening now or has already happened.
  • Advise if any type of weapons are involved.
  • Give the most accurate information possible of suspect(s), vehicle(s) and any other details that would prove helpful to us.
  • Do exactly as the 911 operator says if instructions are given during the emergency.
How to report an emergency when you cannot, or are not allowed to speak:
  • Pick up the phone and dial 911.
  • The 911 operator will immediately dispatch a patrol unit to your location.
How to report non-emergency situations:
Call the Point Pleasant Police Departments business line at 732-892-0060.

It is 2:00 am and there is a loud party in your neighborhood. Even though you need your sleep
this is not an emergency situation. Calling our business line would be appropriate.

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