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Q.    I am a victim of domestic violence. I am embarrassed and intimidated. Can I, or should I get assistance?
A.    The first real concern should be your safety. Domestic violence can and often does increase in severity. The Point Pleasant Police will respond to any call for assistance. The safety of you and any children are our first priority.

Q.    What will the police do?
A.    The police will attempt to defuse the present crisis and can assist you in obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order against your attacker. If the offender has not committed a crime a formal warning will be issued and a report filed. The police will also give you advice on any services that may be appropriate to help you in your present situation.

Q.    Why have you arrested my partner?
A.    The police may arrest a perpetrator for any crime of domestic violence. Any unprivileged physical contact is considered assault. The community here in Point Pleasant takes it very seriously and your police department has a mandatory arrest policy when a victim of domestic violence exhibits signs of assault. The Point Pleasant Police Department believes that the aggressive prosecution of the abuser will help achieve the primary goal of victim safety.

Q.    Can I have the charges dropped?
A.    After the arrest, the investigating officer will file criminal charges. It has been our policy that the charges will not be dropped. The Point Pleasant Police Department feels that without Court intervention the pattern of domestic violence will continue to escalate in severity.

Q.    What is going to happen in court?
A.    After there has been an arrest, the abuser will have a first appearance (arraignment) where a plea of guilty or not guilty is entered. If a not guilty plea is entered a trial date will be scheduled. If needed, the victim will be subpoenaed to testify regarding the incident.

Q.    What is a Temporary Restraining Order?
A.    A TRO is an order issued by a judge that may protect you from more abuse by your attacker. The things a judge may order in a TRO may include;
  1. That your attacker is temporarily forbidden from entering the home you live in and from having contact with you or your relatives.
  2. That your attacker is forbidden from bothering you at work.
  3. That you be given temporary custody of your children.
  4. That your attacker pay temporary child support or support for you.
  5. That your attacker reimburse you for any costs incurred for medical bills or repairs because of the violence.
Q.    How do I apply for a Temporary Restraining Order?
A.    You have the right to go to any court to request that a TRO be issued. On weekends, holidays and other times when the courts are closed a police officer will assist you in obtaining the order. In an emergency the police will assist you even if the courts are open.

Q.    How can I apply when I have no knowledge of the court system?
A.    Police Officers, clerks and judges will not expect you to know the details of the legal process and will guide you and attempt to answer any questions you have.

There are 14 acts that are violations of the Domestic Violence laws of New Jersey and they are;
  1. Homicide.
  2. Assault.
  3. Terroristic Threats.
  4. Kidnapping.
  5. Criminal Restraint.
  6. False Imprisonment.
  7. Sexual Assault
  8. Criminal Sexual Contact
  9. Lewdness
  10. Criminal Mischief
  11. Burglary
  12. Criminal Tresspass
  13. Harrassment
  14. Stalking
If you feel that you are a victim of domestic violence reach out for help!
Call the Point Pleasant Police at 892-0060 or dial 911 (when you dial 911 we will immediately know your location and our units will be on the way). You deserve better!


Providence House Services for Victims of Domestic Violence
24 Hour Hotlines
(732)-244-8259/TDD & 1-800-246-8910

Providence House has;
  • 24 hour hotlines.
  • Emergency safe shelter.
  • Supportive counseling.
  • Advocacy services.
  • Information & referral.
  • Support groups.
  • Community education.
Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention Unit

Services Offered;
  • Individual counseling.
  • Women's support group.
  • Men's anger management group.
  • Children's group.
Ocean County Victim Assistance Program

Serving victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse;
  • Information & referral.
  • Court accompaniment.
  • Crisis intervention counseling.
  • Information on the status of cases.
  • Assistance with court appearances.
  • Information on the Violent Crimes Compensation Board.
  • Community education.
New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS)
24 Hour Child Abuse Hotline
1-800-8610 Divisions Action Line; 1-800-331-3937

Ocean County Board of Social Services;

You are not alone!

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