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See our Summary of New Jersey Highway Traffic Safety Laws Below

The Point Pleasant Police Traffic Safety Unit is a specialized unit within the Uniformed Bureau. The men and women assigned to this unit are dedicated to the safe and efficient movement of people and vehicles throughout the Borough of Point Pleasant. The Traffic Safety Unit consists of 1 Lieutenant, and 18 School Crossing Guards. Some of our duties are:
  • The safe movement of our children to and from school.
  • Traffic violation enforcement.
  • Seatbelt and child restraint safety and education.
  • Traffic Safety surveys and recommendations.
  • Traffic collision investigations.
  • Demonstrations and talks to various community groups.
They are just a few of our daily duties. The officers of the Traffic Safety Unit are concerned members of this community just like you. If you see us on the street, wave or stop and speak with us. We are always available to answer your questions or give a demonstration of the equipment we use. We are more than just "ticket writers", we are educators dedicated to the safety of you and your children.

  • Buckle Up! Seat belts save lives!
  • Always protect your children with the proper child restraint system. (We practice a zero tolerance policy if violated).
  • Never, EVER, Drink and Drive!
If you have a complaint, suggestion or wish to have our Speed Monitor visit your street please call us at 892-0060 or e-mail us at: mcolwell@ptboropd.com

See our
SUMMARY OF NEW JERSEY Highway Traffic Safety Laws

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