Point Pleasant Recreation
Application for use of Recreational Facilities


Name of Organization__________________________________________________________


Responsible Person__________________________________________


Email Address___________________________________________________

Facility Requested________________________________________________

Type of Activity_______________________________________________________________

Equipment/Personnel Requested_________________________________________________

Start Date_________________________ End Date_______________________

Times______________________ Days_________________________________

Please be advised that all organizations or groups using the facilities of the Recreation Department must abide by the rules and regulations of the Recreation Department.  Revocation of facilities use / or return of the Key Card can be demanded at any time by the Superintendent of Recreation and/or the Recreation Commission for any violation of rules governing the privileges of facilities use, written or verbal.  Any appeal for return of privileges or facilities use must be made in person, before the Recreation Commission at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  No further appeals will be granted or honored.

All organizations making application must attach a valid Certificate of Insurance with application.  Application will not be accepted otherwise.  CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE CAN NOT BE FAXED.  If the organization making application utilizes Volunteer Coaches in any manner, this application must also include a current up to date copy of the coaches who have properly satisfied the “Coaching Certification” requirements.  Any application submitted without the Insurance or Coaching list will be rejected.  Application must be submitted 7 days prior to the next Commission meeting date.

I certify that the information submitted is correct to the best of my knowledge and that I am authorized to assume responsibility for the use of the facility by the group listed.  I have read and agree to the rules and regulations for use.


Signature of responsible person______________________________________________________



Rules & Regulations for use of Recreation Properties / Facilities:

1.  The use of Alcohol / Drugs is not permitted at any facility.
2.  Groups must leave the property/building in proper order after each use.  All trash should be removed after use.
3.  Groups are responsible to keep order and control of their participants during use of these facilities.
4.  Permit holders are responsible for damages.
5.  Group leader must be in charge at all times and is representing under the conditions of usage, that all members
     present are Residents. Group leader is responsible to make sure their group contains “Residents ONLY”.
6.  Groups are responsible to report Maintenance items to the Superintendent immediately.  Groups are asked
     not to participate until maintenance repairs have been made.
7.  Groups using Recreation properties are required to park in designated areas only and to resolve all dangerous
     situations immediately.
8.  Care of the Recreational facility is to be placed as a high priority.  Groups are to police themselves and damage
     to the facility will not be tolerated.  Groups will be held accountable for damages.
9.  Use is valid for the day and time listed on the permit only.  Use shall be given for a designated period of time only.
     When the designated time frame expires, re-application for use must be made.
10.  Usage can NOT BE TRANSFERRED.
11.  Groups are responsible to SECURE the facility after use.  Lock all gates, doors, lower the heat, shut the lights, etc.
12.  Permit holders and their participants will be expected to behave appropriately for all times during use.  Group
       leader is expected to handle all situations that arise during use.  Unruly participants must be removed.
13.  Written permission to alter Recreation properties/facilities must be submitted to the Recreation Commission.
14.  Key Card holders are to adhere to these rules and the rules on the back of the Key Card.
15.  The Recreation Department or its authorized representatives shall have access to the facility at all times.
16.  The Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel, delay or substitute approved usage for the benefit of
       Recreation programming.  All Recreation Department programs will have priority over all facility scheduling
        and usage.
17.  Any group/individual found to be in violation of these rules & regulations will have their privileges revoked by
       the Recreation Commission and/or the Superintendent of Recreation and will be denied future facility usage.
18.  The Superintendent of Recreation has full authority to enforce these rules.

I have read and understand the above Rules & Regulations
                                                                              (signature required)

(Official Use Only)

___________                 __________                     ___________________________________________
Approved                           Denied                                    Supt. of Recreation                                   Date

Insurance Received_________ Coaching Certification received_________

Applicant notified_______________  Key Card issued ________________


*Please return completed form to Karen Haycook, superintendent of Recreation (732) 892-5813